Accessories and Hardware


Do you need accessories and screws/hardware for a specific machine or technology? In Talleres Avance, we prepare bags of accessories and mounting hardware kits on request, we have an assorted hardwarewarehouse.

We have several types of screws of different materials, types and sizes. In Talleres Avance, we make assembly kits withscrews for wood, self-drilling screws for metal sheets and hardwoods, screws for walls and threaded rods.

We also have different accessories and screws for general use, miniature screws, high resistance screws, inviolable, precision, large screws. Regarding the materials of the screws, you will find steel and stainless-steel screws, aluminum screws, brass or plastic screws.

In Talleres Avance we have screws of any type and size, here you will find both screws, studs, rivets, anchors, nuts, etc.

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